Memorial Day Fall


Happy Memorial Day❤

We had plans for Memorial Day weekend, but then poor Chloe missed a step and hurt her ankles and toes pretty badly 😔.

She was on her way out to her pool screaming with excitement and carrying her pool toys. Her scream of excitement turned into a scream of pain. Chloe twists her ankle a lot because of toe walking, but this fall was on concrete and she got pretty scraped up everywhere.  After I calmed her down she wanted in her pool. I’m sure the cold water kept it from swelling as bad as it could have.

So I have been helping her get around. Most of the time she will crawl or walk on her knees. This girl is a mover and no sprained ankle will stop her. She hasn’t cried since the fall, but I can tell her ankle hurts when she tries to walk in it. 

So we spent our weekend outside with Chloe in the pool and myself reading in my wicker chair. I have also started going for morning walks in the neighborhood.  I have really enjoyed them😊

How was your weekend? What did you do?

Have a nice evening 🌚

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