More YouTube Channels I Love😍

Good Saturday Morning 😊

I wanted to share more of my favorite YouTube channels. These are my go to channels when this Autism Mom needs to unwind.

* Our Tribe of Many: Large Family Living, Grocery Hauls, Family Finances and a lot of adorable kids😊

* Play With Purpose: Baylie is a stay at home mom who vlogs about activities for preschool. She is very creative. Teaches how children learn through play.

* Jady A: Homeschool Mom to 4. Shares her own curriculum, educational/ Montessori activities,  simple living, minimalism, frugality and parenting advice.

* Crafty Old Woman: Sylvia shares homemade journals and many other creative things she makes. I’m blessed to call her my friend.

* A Farmhouse Full: Nicki shares large family life, homeschooling, and many other fun videos. 

* A&P Home Church: Brandon and Heidi from Heavenly Minded Homeschool share their Ministry on this channel. Daily Bible Studies. Podcasts, and much more. Heidi has also become my friend😊

* Jamerrill Stewart,  Large Family Table: Mom to 8,homeschoolers, Grocery/Homeschool Hauls, Big batch/Freezer Cooking, recipes, meal planning and much more.

* Rebranding Autism: Wonderful young lady with Autism who share her adventures.

* The Parenting Junkie: Peaceful Parenting, minimalism and simple living.

* CritterKid12: Mom of a 17 and a 3 yr old. She shares her sons therapy, how she works with him and more.

* -little-mama-purple: Homeschool Mom with Autism. Her 6 yr old son has Autism as well. She shares the curriculum and books she uses to teach him.

* Michelle’s Large family Living: Homeschool Mom. Raises backyard chickens, frugal living. Loves Jesus & Coffee😊

* BBandbigK: Fun channel with a husband, wife and adorable little boy named Braxton.

* The Fairly Local Vegan: Amber shares about their journey to Zero Waste Living. She is so full of energy. Love her.

If I left anyone out I will add them in my next post. 

Have a wonderful weekend. Remember our Fallen Soldiers ❤💙

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