YouTube Channels I Love😍

Happy Friday😊

I have several YouTube channels I subscribe to that I adore. They help me destress and laugh. I thought I would share the first 10 today. I will share more tomorrow. 

1) Little House on the Mountain: Lea D of Philia Ministries.  She shares recipes, DIY’S , food Hauls, devotions, natural remedies,  gardening, homemaking and simple living.

2) Heavenly Minded Homeschool: Brandon, Heidi and their 4 beautiful children. They share simple living, minimalism, their faith in God and they run their own ministry. I will post more about their ministry and that channel tomorrow. 

3) Exploring Alternatives: People that live in Tiny Houses, RV’s, Van’s  Boats and videos about minimalism,  zero waste living and living off grid.

4) Fathering Autism: Asa, Pricilla, Abbie and Isaiah. Channel about their family living and spreading awareness about Autism. Abbie has Autism.

5) Someday I’ll Sleep: Cammie shares life with her family. 2 of her 5 children are Autistic. She is such a great Mom😊

6) The Minimal Mom: Dawn’s channel is about how to minimize you home and life. She is wonderful to watch and has great tips😊

7) Real Family Journey: Unschooling Family who shares their adventures.

8) Basic Beth: Unschooling Mom who has the most calming voice. She has 3 kids and also shares about Simple Living. 

9) Lydia Senn: She shares about Simple Living, Saving Money, and Getting out of Debt. She is awesome to watch. She has 3 boys and expecting her first girl.

10) Darci Isabella: A wonderful homeschool mom of a large family. She is also a minimalist.  She vlogs about homesteading as well.

So these are the first 10 channels I love and watch to wind down. Hope you find them enjoyable too.

Have a wonderful afternoon 🙂

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