She Lost It

Happy Thursday 😊


So  I decided to take a hit and tackle Chloe’s room on Tuesday. I have removed 20 plus items already. The only thing she fussed about was a play rug that she never played on. She got over it pretty quick. Thank goodness 🙂

Today (Wednesday) I was not so lucky I dusted and then proceeded to move toys off the floor so I could vacuum.  She walked in and lost it on me! I knew it would happen, but wanted to push through so she could have a better room. I have mentioned before how she likes all of her toys out where she can see them. I’ve had to make peace with that, for now. I just wanted to reduce what was on the floor. As soon as the carpet was vacuumed Chloe was pulling everything back on the floor. She was crying, but as soon as everything was back on the floor she was good. I have always explained to her that I have to clean and vacuum her room. 

I think we are going to have to get her another set of bedding. She also gets extremely upset when I wash it.  She cries until they are washed and dried.  So we will have to get another set.😣 The only other area to clean off is the kitchen table. I have gotten her to remove half of the items, but she’s being stubborn over the rest.

If you learn anything from my experience, don’t buy too many toys for your kids.  They don’t need them. We spend the majority of our time outside when the weather is nice. I loved spending my childhood outdoors.  No toy could beat it!

I am hoping to reduce her toys a bit more, but I’ll back off for now. She gets so upset. I know she is not getting anymore toys until Christmas. Oh this crazy Autism Life 😉

Have a wonderful day 😊

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