Massive Declutter

Good Morning 😊

I have been working the past 3 days to do a massive clean out of our home. If I don’t use it often or love it it goes. 

I finally decided to hit Chloe’s room, even if it upsets her. She is not even able to play in there.  The mess affects her play and mood. So far I have removed 20 small or put up items. The only item she has said anything about was a play rug that she never used. She got over it quickly though. 

Over the 3 days I filled 20 bags to go to trash, 3 bags for donation and several bags of items to sell at Once Upon A Child. I also have a trunk full of books to sell at 2nd & Charles.  I also cleaned out our shed and filled up the back of the truck, which we hauled off. It felt good to get that done.

Our clothing is already minimized. Chloe and I have enough clothes to last a week. We each have 2 sets of pjs and I have 2 sets of workout clothes.  I went through the bathroom closet and cleaned out the excess. Chloe and I use the same soap and shampoo. I try to keep things minimal. I have everything organized in plastic shoebox containers.  

I went through all homeschool supplies and got rid of 90% of them. We just didn’t use the items. I also went around and looked at knick knacks and only kept what I loved.

I have a lot of places to go to get rid of everything , but it will be worth it. Then I need to give my car a good cleaning. I am so excited to get rid of so much. Hopefully I can get Chloe’s room whipped into shape soon.

I tried to post a picture of the truck haul, but it wouldn’t load. Grrr. 

Let me know if any of you are decluttering and how it is going😊

Have a Great Day❤



3 thoughts on “Massive Declutter”

  1. That has to feel so good! We’ve been doing the same here at our house. We’re trying to sell our house so it’s a huge work in progress. Some things go to storage and others are donated or trashed. I got rid of a lot of homeschool stuff, too. I gave it all to a new homeschooling mom and she was thrilled. It was all things we’ve outgrown and some of it was never even used.

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