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Good Morning 🌞

I just finished this book Not Buying It by Brett Graff. If you have a child at home I highly recommend this book.

it covers from infancy to college. It is detailed on how much items cost and suggests items you can do without.  Oh to have had this book when Chloe was born. We would’ve saved so much money.

Early Learning

This section of the book taught me so much. Wow our kids don’t need 90% of the stuff we buy them. I love the section about talking to your baby and child. I know we talked to Chloe a lot. I’m a talker😁. Lol. As an infant Chloe was in tune to us. After her 1st birthday it slowly faded away. We still talked to her, but I started bringing in flash cards, speech videos and talking toys. Oh the talking toys, one of my biggest regrets! If I could turn back time I would do every different. Since that’s not possible I need to fix things now that are not working.  I am going to start slowly getting rid of Chloe’s excess of toys. It’s such a mess and all our fault. She may get upset, but over time it will improve her play 

I don’t  want to give away the whole book, but it covers clothing (which we have mastered), books, school, extra curricular  activities,  food, medical care and materialism. I think it’s super important to teach our children the concept of money and Bill’s. 

So grab this book if you want out of the trap of consumerism.  It’s never to late to get started. 

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4 thoughts on “Love This Book❤”

  1. The book sounds really good, I want to check it out. My two older kids have birthdays right before and one right after Christmas – it is such a busy week! And as you can imagine – birthday, Christmas, gifts from us, grandparents other relatives – so overwhelming and way too much. That totally needs to change. Excited to read this one!

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