A Very Long Meltdown😥

It is 9:00 pm (Thursday) and Chloe has been in meltdown mode for 1 1/2 hours! Why? She didn’t want to go to bed.

The past few weeks Chloe has started to stall at bedtime. I know this is a normal thing that kids do, but with Chloe it turns into a tantrum or meltdown fast when she’s made to go to bed. She throws herself down, cries and screams until she falls asleep. 

It is becoming a major problem. Bedtime is suppose to be calming, but Chloe tends to be so strict with her routine it becomes stressful if one thing doesn’t flow just right. Now with the stalling it is becoming very stressful for everyone.  So I have to look at the whole picture and figure out the trigger.

The things that have changed are way to many kids at the playground. Her eating has been crazy and she has woken up more often at night. Chloe has been wanting to get out every day, but it may be to overstimulating for her. She may need more downtime. She has also been using her tablet a lot, so time for that to go away again. We have eaten out more than usual and I feel it affects her behavior. So it’s time to hit reset and get Chloe back on track.

It’s important to figure out your child’s triggers when behavior changes. Especially when they can’t tell you how they feel. It’s not always easy, but we have to help them the best we know how.

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Have a wonderful weekend😊

4 thoughts on “A Very Long Meltdown😥”

  1. Your advice is so very needed! Many parents do not parent deliberately. My daughter would cry until she threw up when she was younger, all over having to go to bed. She hates bedtime, but it was doing like you said and watching her triggers that helped me get into a pattern that worked for her. If we stray from that pattern she struggles to sleep.

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