River Park Chaos


Happy Wednesday Everyone 😊

Yesterday was a tough day for Chloe, but she overcame it quite well. We planned to go to the park by the river. She was so excited! I knew it was close to the public schools final days and they take field trips to this park. I tried to hurry Chloe up, but Chloe doesn’t hurry. Lol. We were there 5 minutes when 4 buses rolled in.😫 

Chloe just covered her ears. It was so loud I could barely talk to her. She was crying, not wanting to leave. She needed to finish her plan to play. I knew she would get hurt. The kids were not controlled and it was TOTAL CHAOS!! I finally convinced her to go to a different park. She was not happy, but rolled with it pretty well. 

Once there she mostly wanted to swing. There were maybe 8 kids there and that was 8 to many for her😔. I so desperately want her to stop being afraid of kids. So we will keep getting out and being around them. We will try the river park tomorrow, but hopefully get there early in case of another public school field trip.

I hope Chloe can adjust some day to other children. All I can do is provide the environment and support she needs❤

Have a wonderful day😊

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