A Fun Day Out

Good Afternoon🙂

Chloe and I have had a fun day together. I have been trying to get her out as much as possible to help with her anxiety around people and other children. 

Today we went to the Dollar Tree, the mall and Target. She is becoming quite a shopper at the Dollar Tree. She grabs things and says “Need that”. Cracks me up😂. Next we went to the mall, where she played arcade games and had her favorite cookie at the Cookie Store. She hopped and skipped everywhere. Finally we went to Target to find her a few more dresses. She didn’t like any of them and picked 2 skorts instead. Now I have to find tops she can wear. Top are much harder, that’s why I like dresses. She also looked at toys. She stayed in the Leap Frog toy aisle most of the time. Then she decided she wanted some popcorn puffs to take home. I was glad the Caroline Cart was available, because she was hopping all over the place. 

I know I am worn out, but not so sure about her. She’s like the Energizer Bunny. Lol. I’m glad she had a good time. She’s had a few crying spells lately, so I was happy to see her smile and giggle. 

Tomorrow I get a Mom day to myself. Well not all day, but some time out alone😊 Then Sunday I will travel to see my Mom. 

Have a great weekend and Happy Mothers Day To all the Moms out there💖

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