Can Music Help Children With Autism?

Good morning and Happy Friday 🙂

Chloe loves music🎶  She is a bit picky about what she listens to and if she doesn’t want it on she will tell you.

I started playing Classical music for her as soon as she was born. She still loves it today. It can calm her down when she is having a tough day. She especially loves when I put YouTube on the TV and there are calming scenes to go along with the music. She also likes ABBA’s songs Dancing Queen, Super Trooper and a few others.  She loves Taylor Swifts Shake it Off and Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop the Feeling. These 2 songs are on movies she watches.

When Chloe was 2 1/2 the Early Intervention Program she was in used a type of music therapy with her, but she didn’t enjoy it. It was playing a certain type of music for a certain amount of time.  It just didn’t work for Chloe. Children with Autism benefit from music therapy by showing improvements in communication,  social skills, sensory issues, behavior issues and motor skill improvement.

It has been documented that music stimulates both hemispheres of the brain, not just one side. The way I use music with Chloe is for calming her. I also use it to teach her certain concepts. I even make up songs to teach her things as well. I have also used songs to get her attention on days she harder to reach. I believe music and music therapy is very beneficial for children with Autism.

Do any of your children go to music therapy? If so does it help them?


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