My Advice on Toys for Kids with Autism


Happy Monday😊

The picture above is my daughter’s room. Ugh! I have discussed our issues with toys before, but I want to give you advice on how to avoid this issue all together.

Toys, books, games, puzzles  paper, blocks, coloring books, crayons and markers. SO MUCH STUFF!! Is it all needed? No it isn’t.  So why did I buy it all? Good question.

When I was a child I never felt deprived. The outdoors, my bike, my softball and glove were my favorite toys. I would spend hours throwing my ball up in the sky and catching it or throwing it against the outside of the house, I rode my bike everywhere without fear. I had a Barbie doll and a few books. I love to read and spent hours doing it. I also loved my paper and pencil. That’s all I remember playing with as a kid. Oh and my cassette player and cassettes. I loved singing into my hairbrush as a pre-teen. Lol. I was content with what I had.

I don’t know what happened when I became a Mom. One thing that happened was the character toys really started coming out in the 90’s when my first 2 were born. They would come home from school talking about this toy or that toy. There were commercials all over TV.  I was a single mom by the time my first daughter was born and I think guilt was a huge part of the toy buying. Gotta make them happy, right? I was on them constantly to clean their rooms. It was so stressful. 

Fast forward 13 years and did I learn my lesson with Chloe? Umm nope. I did well at first. I say I because most of the toys I brought into the house. It wasn’t until her Autism diagnosis that I went overboard.  I was a stay at home mom and felt I had to make sure she had everything she needed to improve. 90% of the things I brought in she wouldn’t touch. I either ended up giving them to friends or local daycares. So a few years back I tried to slow down. 

Here is when her OCD kicked in. She started obsessing that everything she had must be out where she could see it. It’s been like this ever since. Now I am trying to minimize her stuff a bit at a time, without causing her anxiety. NOT EASY!! I know she would be 100% happy with her stuffed buddies, a handful of characters and a few books. I have a long way to get her there.

So my advice is don’t over buy toys or anything. Get them outside. Let experiences be their fun. If they are happy with the few things they have that’s awesome. I think these are items they should have: wooden blocks, paper, pencils, crayons, music, outside time, a few people toys (not characters), a doll, a ball and books. I loved my bike, so if you live where your child can ride a bike that’s awesome.  

Toy rotating is great as well, but unfortunately doesn’t work for us. Also new toys in, old ones out. Let me know what works for you. I am determined to get Chloe’s toys minimized over the summer. She may have to deal with the anxiety so she can eventually relax.

Have a wonderful Day😊


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