Summer Learning Plans


Good Morning

Chloe has been on a mini break since finishing her school year. She is beginning to get extra stubborn on me, which is a sign that we need to get back on track. 

I found the cutest little workbooks at the Dollar Tree a few weeks back. She loves the Disney workbooks.  I got one with Time and Money plus one with the Alphabet.  I also have a Kindergarten/1st grade review workbook I’m going to use. I don’t want to drown her in worksheets, but if they are ones she enjoys then it’s a win win😁

I am also having her read a lot during the day to keep those skills fresh for her. She loves to read, so that won’t be a struggle.

Now on to the tougher areas, which are self help, social and behavioral.  Chloe has made huge strides in her self help skills, as I have shared. I want to work on social skills by having her be around kids more often. Hoping for some play dates with some of her buddies back home. I am also creating social stories for her about socializing.  Behavioral is my least favorite area, Lol, because Chloe is a very strong willed child.  She can be super sweet and compliant,  but can also want her way with a vengeance.  So I am thinking about a reward chart or a reward box for her. It’s tough because she doesn’t always understand consequences. She’s getting better in a few areas. I’ve got my work cut out for me😉

So that’s what I have so far. I’m sure I’ll add things along the way. 

Have a wonderful day😊

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