She Can’t Swallow Pills!

Good Morning 🌞

So Chloe started her new medication Monday night. It is a pill she must swallow, which she just can not seem to handle.  I told her Dr this, but she prescribed it anyway. It cost $160.00😲!! I almost got sick.

The Dr wanted her to take it at night, along with her other medicine, to help her sleep. This pill can’t be crushed or chewed. So I put it in peanut butter and she pulled it right out and started crying.  I knew at that moment this was going to get rough. Many tries and an hour later she was hysterical. I finally threw in the towel. The Dr said to try for a week and if she didn’t take it we would try something else. 

I don’t want to upset her, but I feel I have to keep trying. If anyone has any ideas please share. I even told her if she swallowed it she could have a chocolate chip. She still struggled.  Heartbreaking 💔. 

So I will keep you updated on this new adventure of ours as the week goes on. 

Have a wonderful day😀

6 thoughts on “She Can’t Swallow Pills!”

  1. My son can’t swallow pills, either. Last month he had to get antibiotics… liquid for a 14 year-old. And we’re not talking the pink amoxicillin. This was serious adult antibiotics. $150. Ugh. I feel your pain!!

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  2. Doctors need to listen to parents more! When Bethany needed Diastat several times a week to stop seizures, all her meds cost more than Malcolm earned every month!! Thank God she has the medicaid waiver! Combined with his insurance, we don’t pay a cent for her medications.

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  3. My daughter, now in her 20’s, has trouble swallowing pills. She can now swallow tiny pills but she had to teach herself how. We tried all sorts of “tricks” to help her swallow pills, like placing it on the back of her tongue, pinching her nose, taking it with a sooonful of food, etc., but nothing helped her for years. As a teenager she took the chewable Tylenol for kids.

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