Chloe’s 9 Year Checkup


Happy Saturday 😊

Yesterday was Chloe’s 9 year checkup.  I didn’t tell her until we got there because she gets super anxious. Once we arrived she started saying “No shots, No throat, No Ears”!!! I was like “Oh boy here we go”. 

I was very shocked by her weigh in. I knew she had gained some weight, but she was off the charts for height and weight. So deleting most of the carbs that are not healthy for her, like cracker type snacks. She is only an inch away from being as tall as I am, at 9 years old😲

She was very nervous when her Dr came in and started having verbal tics. The Dr is good with Chloe. She doesnt rush her at all.  Chloe’s anxiety was so bad she couldn’t answer the Drs questions. I talked to the Dr about Chloe’s massive OCD and anxiety issues. She decided it was time for anxiety medication. I agreed and we moved on to other areas of concern. 

Next was therapies and education. I have been doing Chloe’s therapy and schooling for 2 1/2 years. I have reached a point with her therapy that i know she needs more. Schooling is an area that I am struggling with.  Dr wants me to put her back in school. I know this will be hard for Chloe. I want her to have friends and not be scared of kids. I have a lot to think about. 

So new medication,  better diet,  possibly school and research therapy needs.  Yikes! It will all work out. 

Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome weekend😊

5 thoughts on “Chloe’s 9 Year Checkup”

  1. Chloe is so blessed to have you as her mama! Best wishes with all the changes. I’d really struggle with the school thing. I don’t like school for any child but that is just me. I just feel like the home environment is best. I have a friend who has a son with special needs and the school wants him all day for Kindergarten. I know I’m not the mom and that’s not my call but I’m hoping she doesn’t go for all day. It’s a tough call though.

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      1. I hope so, too. Is there a way you can have a therapist come to your home? And set up some play dates? Well I’m sure you will figure it out. 💛


  2. Doctors don’t always know best when it comes to sending our kids to school, but you never know. she might love it and you would get a nice break every day! It’s gonna be a tough decision, for sure! Bethany used to get therapies at home, That’s an option for most states. Check it out at Homeschool Legal Defense Association- We were members for years!

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