The River Park

Good morning 🌞

We have been on the go all week. It’s been beautiful and warm, so we took advantage of going to the 2 parks we love here. 

Tuesday we went to what Chloe calls The River Park. It is by the Ohio River, so that’s why she calls it The River Park. It’s a huge park with all play areas connected and a big portion of it is in the air. The only problem is I really have to watch Chloe because kids get rough and run (which is a rule breaker). No one is there to enforce the rules, so we have to keep a close eye on our kiddos.

When we got there it was quiet, with just a few kids, but an hour later 2 buses showed up. I was so nervous.  They were high school kids. This playground only goes up to age 12, but again no one was there to enforce rules. The boys were running and jumping everywhere.  Chloe went straight to the swing and stayed in it until we left. I tried to post a few pictures, but for some odd reason they wouldn’t load.

One of Chloe’s anxiety issues is being around a lot of kids. She is ok with a few, but the more that show up the more anxious she gets. I hate that for her. We have her 9 year checkup on Friday and I hope the Dr and I can figure out what to do for her.

Wednesday was a very tough day. Chloe woke up angry and stayed that way. I took her to a smaller park, but nothing helped. She reaches a point of over stimulation and Tuesday may have been her breaking point. So today we are staying home and relaxing. Hopefully that will help her calm down.

I will post an update on Chloe’s checkup on Monday😊

Have a wonderful day💗


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