A Beautiful Day🌞

20190422_094353Good morning.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. I wanted Chloe to have a full day of fun. We went to the Library, followed by the park. 

When we got to the Library there were 4 toddlers in there and Chloe instantly froze up. I was quite surprised by that because Chloe usually loves little ones. Older children seem to make her more anxious, but today she couldn’t handle being around any children.  I think it’s because we haven’t been out for a few weeks. Chloe always has to readjust to being out and about again after she’s been sick. She did check out 4 books, but didn’t want to play.

Chloe was very excited about the park and didn’t seem to mind at first that there were a few kids there already. She did her usual 4 slides followed by swinging. Then she does the merry go round and the Zip line. All of a sudden 5 families with little ones showed up and Chloe became silent. She ran to the swing and stayed in it for 30 minutes. I could tell she was overwhelmed,  but she stayed in control. I was super proud of her🙂

She let me know she was ready to go and walked to the car holding my hand. We went home, ate lunch, and watched Toy Story 3 before spending the rest of the afternoon outside. Chloe is happiest outside. She talks more and smiles constantly.  

My plan is to definitely get her out more. She let’s me know when she would rather be home. Right now it’s go go go! 

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day😊


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