Autism Awareness


Good morning and Happy Monday 😊

The month of April is, as we know, Autism Awareness Month. You will hear many, if not all, parents of children who are autistic say we live with awareness every day. 

I have the Autism jewelry,  the license plate frame that says Autism Awareness, and I wear tshirts with Autism inspiration on them. I do wear the shirts when I am taking Chloe somewhere crowded. It saves me a lot of time having to explain why she does this or that. Usually she is just overly happy and flapping a little. So happy in her own world. Hey wouldn’t we all be?

I can’t say I do a lot of extra things in April to spread Awareness.  I feel I do it all year long. I was planning on doing the Autism 5k walk in my hometown this year, but the stomach flu knocked me out of that 😔 I post Autism Quotes and share about our daughter as much as I can. I am also very interested in making and selling Autism Tshirts. Working on that now.

Please share below how you are doing to spread Autism Awareness in April or year around.

Thanks for stopping by today. Have a wonderful day😊

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