It’s Finally Over😊

Good Morning 🌞


I think we are finally well enough to get out of bed today. Chloe is 24 hours out from throwing up and I am down to a low grade fever. Boy this has been rough to say the least. I guess since we are hardly ever sick, when we do get sick it’s pretty rough on us.

The next few days I will be working on cleaning and laundry. I also have to make Chloe understand she has to start sleeping in her room again. I moved her mattress into the living room, because of the tile floor, and I’ve been on the couch. It’s been 4 days and she loves being in the living room. This wont be easy. 

Chloe has been asking to go to the park and eat pizza, so you know she’s feeling better. I’m ready to be outdoors myself. We have also watched 4 days of Disney and Pixar movies. Headphones are a blessing😊

Hopefully next week we can get to our project week. We also need to do a library run. Lets get back on track.

Thanks for stopping by and Have a wonderful day🙂

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