She Got Sick😥

Good morning 🙂

We have had a rough 36 hours. Sunday night Chloe didn’t want to go to bed and was being very loud!! All of a sudden she threw up all over her bed. Once I took her bedding off a very long and very bad meltdown began. She wanted that bedding back on NOW! We couldn’t get her to understand it was dirty. We try not to have duplicates of everything.  She has to learn different sheets and blankets are ok. 

So she threw up again and I finally went out to the shed and got the blowup bed and parked both of us on the living room. I turned on Disney movies and our night of throwing up every 30 minutes began😭. 

It’s now Monday morning and her checkup is postponed until April 26th. She just got up and sat by me on the couch. We only slept about an hour up in the early morning, so we are tuckered out. She hasn’t thrown up for 2 hours, so hopefully the worst is over. Now I have to hope I don’t get it. I have a low immune system, so it’s a waiting game.

All of our activities are on hold for a day or two. Keep us in your thoughts.

Have a good day & Thanks for stopping by😊

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