We Need Answers!


Good Morning 😊

Today is Chloe’s 9 year checkup and we need answers!! 

Chloe’s behavior has been all over the place the past 3 weeks. She’s pushing her limits as far as she can and this Mom is frazzled.  So much attitude and defiance. Also extremely hyper from 2 pm to bedtime. She’s also not sleeping consistently well. I am going to discuss medication with her Dr. We have tried a few meds for hyperactivity,  but may give them another whirl. 

I am also working on straightening out her behavior issues. She has been in OCD overload lately. She loves touching my face a lot. Slowly decreasing that behavior with redirection.  

We are officially finished with our school year (180 days) and this week I am having a project week with her. We are doing some art projects and springtime activities. I will be sharing all of these with you this week 🙂.

I will update you tomorrow on her Drs appt. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day❤

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