So Much Fun


Good morning. Sorry I didn’t post yesterday,  but Chloe and I had so much fun the past few days I forgot😯.

She is becoming more verbal about what she wants to do, which is awesome!! Thursday we spent the morning at the park. It was a beautiful Spring day and we took full advantage of it. I loved seeing her smile😊

Yesterday she wanted to go, go, go. We went to the Library, the mall, the pet store, McDonald’s, the book store and Target. Phew! It was the longest we had been out in years. She loved every minute of it. I think her favorite was the game room at the mall. She laughed nonstop. I thought for sure she would crash and sleep all night. Nope she was awake by 1 am and never went back to sleep!! How does she do it😲

I loved hearing Chloe tell me what she wants to do. She is using more detail and answering questions.  So wonderful 💚

Today we are staying in and relaxing.

I hope everyone had a great week😊

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