The Unschooling Handbook


Good morning

I wanted to do a review on The Unschooling Handbook by Mary Griffith. This is a book full of useful information for Unschoolers or anyone who wants to add to their child’s learning. I like that there were opinions of parents about how they unschool and what they use. The author also interviewed children and they told why they loved unschooling.

It covered what resources to use and how the children can learn from other people. Books and trips were on top of the list of resources. We use a lot of books to learn in our home. It also discussed how Unschooling parents felt about TV, Computer and Internet use. The opinions were from none of it to endless use. 

The section on record keeping was very good, giving examples and how to apply them. I use a lesson planner with an attendance sheet inside. I like everything in one book. Easier to keep up with.

Its amazing what we don’t think of as far as ways to teach our children. I would love to live near a wooded area so Chloe and I could explore. We have tons of outdoor allergies, so it would be an adventure. LOL.

I don’t want to share to much, but I think this is a good read. It shares a lot of ideas in ways to learn each subject. I definitely recommend it.

Have a wonderful and blessed day


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