3 Days A Week

Good morning and Happy Friday😊


My post is a bit late and you will understand why after I explain. Children with Autism sometimes go through rough phases and require more of our time. Chloe’s rough spells come out of nowhere. They usually begin by her waking up more at night. She has woken up the 2 past nights. I am currently with her in her room and trying to interact and play, but she refuses to let me touch her toys. She is also crying and I dont know why.

Anyway I am needed more and I want to keep my schedule more open. I have been trying to post 5 days a week, but I am going to reduce to 3 for now. Posting daily can be tough some weeks. So next week I will post on Monday’s, Wednesday’s  and Friday’s.  

Hi and welcome to all of my new followers 😊

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend ❤

1 thought on “3 Days A Week”

  1. My posting has become infrequent lately because my son uses my pc for his online classes (it runs faster) and I haven’t been inspired to blog as much. You are an amazing mama to Chloe!


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