We No Longer Call It School🤐




So I notice when I use the word “School” Chloe gets quite upset. So I have tried calling it “Mommy School”, “Learning Time” and even “Chloe School”. Ok enough with the quotation marks!! She eventually cries and says “No School”!!

I finally decided to stop saying school at all. We are not in school, so why use the term. I know we are Homeschoolers, but we don’t do much like public schools. I told Chloe we do Life Led Learning. She looked at me and said “Learn at Home”. I was like “Good enough for me girl”.😀

I am currently getting several Unschooling books in the mail. I look forward to reading them and understanding even more about Life Led Learning.  I have been doing it all this week and she has been so happy. We have read a lot of books, went to the post office to mail a package to our friends in New York and we even watched the birds in the back yard. I pointed out several nests to her in the tree above our back patio. I also laid out a few activities for her to do on the table. She did them all without any fussing.  

There were no worksheets or work she “had to do”. I asked her if she wanted to write in her writing notebook and she said “Yes please”. I wrote sentences for her to copy. It is much more laid back.

Is it a coincidence that this same week we celebrated 2 victories with her new nightgown and eating a new meat? Who knows for sure, but we will see as time goes on. 

We complete our required 180 days of “School” for the state in about 3 to 4 weeks. We started early and took very few days off. I’ll enjoy not keeping records for awhile. Next Fall I will be doing her portfolio a bit differently.  It will be way easier and there will be pictures instead of tons of worksheets.  I am still working on Summer Learning (Curriculum). I still plan on posting it beginning in April. We have had a good week and I pray it continues.  Chloe definitely enjoys learning this way the most. I just have to train myself to stop saying school. (Shhhh). I will give you a review of the unschooling books as I read them. I am almost finished with Free to Learn. Great book thus far.

Have a wonderful and blessed day❤

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