Good morning🌞

We had a BIG VICTORY  in our house on Sunday night. What could it be? Well those of you with Autistic children or those with OCD will understand exactly why we are so proud.

Chloe has worn the same 2 nightgowns (they are identical) for 8 months. They are skin tight,  but she was NOT going to wear a new one, unless it was exactly like the one she had. Here enters the problem. Chloe is in the last size of young girls clothing.  So there were no bigger sizes of this gown.  I finally went out and bought 2 new nightgowns. She, for 2 months,  has said ” No”!!!

I finally, after her bath, thought I will try again. I brought the new nightgown to her and said “Wow its purple, with bunnies”!! “Your puppy nightgown is for little girls and the bunny one is for big girls”. She looked at me, with hesitation,  and grabbed the bunny gown and put on her Christmas hat. Hey whatever works. Lol. We said thank you and goodbye to her puppy gown before putting on the new one. Brett and I made a huge fuss over how awesome she looked in her new gown. She was jumping around singing The Bunny Hop🎶🎤

New clothes are a challenge every season, so this was a huge victory!! Now on to her dresses🙄

Thanks for stopping by my blog today😀 Welcome to all of my new followers ❤

Have a wonderful and blessed day


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