Free to Learn


Happy Friday😀

As I sit here reading this book Free to Learn by Peter Gray I so desire this carefree style of learning for my daughter Chloe. I was sitting at the table with her today working on Spelling and I noticed she looked, well unhappy. I have tweaked her homeschool to be minimal as I can. I do Speech and OT with her daily, working more on Life Skills. I try to make it fun, while still meeting my states standards. 

Standards (Big Sigh)…. are so boring!! I think back to all of the classes I took full of things I never used. General Math, Reading and Home Economics were my favorites. Especially Home Ec. I took a business class that taught me how to do a check book. I still bounced a check when I had my first job at 16. My grandmother took me to the bank where they sat me down and taught me step by step. Never bounced one again. Real Life Learning 😊 

I watched my older 2 go through so much stress in public school. My son would cry because his Kindergarten teacher got on him because he couldn’t catch on to reading, AT 5!!! Some kids take longer, but she blamed him. Oh how I wish I could’ve homeschooled then. I had other issues with my daughter.  She was a strong reader young, but struggled socially.  It was very hard to watch. 

Chloe struggled in her few years of public school. As I have mentioned she just couldn’t handle the atmosphere. I knew teaching her would be a challenge, but I never thought she would be sad. So I bought book after book and have learned a lot. I am finishing our 180 day state required school year in less than a month. Then we are taking a few weeks break. I will be putting together my summer curriculum during that time. I am praying the plans I have to teach her will be accepted by her with a smile😊

I am thoroughly enjoying this book so far and so much of it makes sense. Why our children are 5 years old and stressed out over having to learn things their young minds aren’t ready for. I wish I had read this book when I taught my preschool classes. 

Anyway we have to figure out the best way our kiddos learn. Mine let’s me know quick when I am pushing her to hard. I know many of you have to send your kids to public school because you work (that’s why my older 2 went). I just wish Kindergarten was like it was when I went. Playing, napping, playing,  snacking, and did I say playing? I’m thankful I can teach Chloe at home and I will figure all of this out. 

Today we are starting a short 4 day Spring Break. She is one excited girl. I am looking forward to just playing, painting, cooking and just having fun.

Have the most blessed weekend😊❤


3 thoughts on “Free to Learn”

  1. Have you ever thought of trying extreme unschooling? It might work for Chloe. Let her have everyday off and then translate the activities she chooses into being school work.

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  2. Homeschooling is such a blessing! I will never understand who decided we should send our babies away at 3, 4, 5, even older, for full days of formal schooling and who thought that was such a brilliant idea when home is the best place for them to learn, naturally and safely around their families. I shudder at what Kindergarten has become. It’s sad.

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