Teaching Math Without Worksheets

Good morning😀

Do your kids really dislike worksheets? My girl sure does. The benefit of homeschool is I don’t have to use them. Today I want to share Math Activities that your child can do that are hands on. NO WORKSHEETS NEEDED👍.


Chloe loves Math Cubes or they are sometimes called Unifix Cubes. We use them for counting, adding, subtraction, patterns,color recognition and even fine motor work.


I love Pattern Cards and Shape Blocks. It took Chloe years after I bought this set from The Learning Journey to even agree to try one. You can also use the shape blocks for sorting shapes, patterns with shapes and counting shapes.


Games are a fun way to learn Math. Chloe doesn’t understand Connect 4, but we use it to count and do patterns. I also love Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders. These 2 really help kids learn colors, counting and numbers. There is another game called Zingo with numbers (Also one with letters/words). I havent tried it yet, but am hoping to purchase it soon.

Time and Money Cards are new to our homeschool.  Chloe is not to keen on them yet. We use them in our morning basket sometimes, but mostly I use them in tray activities. You can also find great time games on file folder fun, The Measured Mom or teacherspayteachers. She does like the file folder card games.

This is the first group of Math Activities I’m sharing and will share another set next Thursday. I hope I share something you can use in your homeschool or to help your child work on skill after school.

Have a blessed and wonderful day😊


3 thoughts on “Teaching Math Without Worksheets”

  1. I still have our math cubes, play money, foam dominoes, and other math manipulatives that my son used in our early years of homeschool. He disliked worksheets, too. Whiteboards are also fun. Great post!

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