Occupational Therapy at Home

Good morning😊

I have mentioned before that I do Chloe’s therapy at home. I enjoy working with her and it is fun to do research for new activities.  

This week we worked on In Hand Manipulation.  These are fine motor activities that work on using one hand to manipulate a small object. These also strengthen hand and finger muscles. 


1) Theraputty with beads to pull out. This was just to warm up her hand muscles.

2) Tweezers and Beads. Transfer to bowl.

3) Connect 4 Game: She doesnt understand how to play it, but she loves putting the chips in.

4) Play dough and straws: Make a ball with dough and push in straws.

5) Stacking pennies and putting them in the piggy bank.

I am putting together a therapy binder to keep all of the activities in as I find them or make them. Chloe did very well today😊

Do any of you work with your children at home? Comment below😀

Thank you for stopping by my Blog today. Have a blessed day❤

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