Minimizing Everything!


Good morning and Happy Monday😊

I used this past Friday through Sunday to minimize everything I could think of. I started with Chloe’s closet.

I took out 2 dresses she has never worn, her outgrown winter coat, 6 big books, a game and her 2 booster seats, which she has outgrown. I will be taking these items to Once Upon A Child to sell.

Next I hit my bedroom closet. I keep Chloe’s homeschool supplies in there. I really wanted to minimize them down to only what we use. It went so well. I emptied 6 boxes😀!! Felt wonderful.  I also took 8 videos and CD’s out of the closet. 

I then cleaned out the bathroom cabinet and pantry. I also cleaned out and organized under the sink. My total trash bags out was 4. I took out 2 crates.  One for donation and one to sell. It really felt great to get even more stuff out of our home.

I am trying really hard to not bring more stuff in. I did buy 5 shirts to replace stained ones. 5 in and 5 out😊 One day, when Chloe is ready to minimize I will have the POSTS OF ALL POSTS!! Lol

That was my busy weekend. How was yours?😁

Have a wonderful and blessed day❤

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