I Will Make It Happen!

Good morning everyone. Well we have made it half way through the week. I pray your week has went great so far.


I have been doing a lot of thinking and not only do I desire a simple life, I NEED IT!! Raising a child with Autism comes with many challenges, but do I make them tougher? My personality is one of being an anxious person. I have depression and try very hard to keep it under control. I have always been unorganized and kept things that I didn’t need. I also made life unnecessarily stressful for myself.

I can’t remember when I started making life so hard for myself, but I know it was before I was an adult. I have so much trouble sometimes being positive and as a Christian I know I am living the opposite way God wants me to. Take that personality and add raising a child with Autism to it. I was NUTS!! LOL

I made things complicated by letting to much clutter in my home and in my head. My husband is very organized and has put up with my disorderly ways for 12 years! A few years ago I broke down and knew I had to make life simpler for myself and my family. I started buying books and watching videos about minimalism. I was still buying so much stuff to use with our daughter and stressing out when it wasn’t played with. I used the Dollar Tree as a crutch to go buy stuff because things there only cost $1. I would complain to my husband about the mess and he would calmly say that I was bringing it in. He was right.


As I sit outside watching Chloe swing I hear birds chirping and see the beautiful sunshine. I am loving the calmness and simplicity of our backyard. I realize the only thing stopping me from having a simple life is …..well ME!! So I am making some permanent changes to my home, head, homeschool and life. I will keep you updated. I am ready to wake up every morning and be 100% thankful no matter the circumstances. I will not let any negativity creep into my mind. (Get thee behind me Satan!!) I want to enjoy my life, God, Family and Friends. I want to walk into my home and feel at peace.

Let’s get this party started!


Thank you so much for following my blog.

Have a very blessed day

5 thoughts on “I Will Make It Happen!”

  1. I’m right there with you. I’m guilty of retail therapy and adding clutter to my home. We live the minimalist lifestyle when we’re away from home. I just need to get my act together at home!

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