Work Trays and Work Boxes of the Week

Good morning. Today I want to share some of our tray and work box activities this week.

The first set is a Animal picture and Beginning Letter Match. She can do this easily and is more for review and fun. I like to mix the letters up since she is always tempted to do them in order. I also started Money Cards and Coin Count today. She know the coins value, so I am extending that to matching the coins to the cards and then adding them up. She struggled some today, but enjoyed the new cards.




Next she worked on sorting pictures into the correct beginning letter column. She also loves this activity. Then we worked on Blend Bingo. She looks at the blend on the bottom and covers the pictures that start with that blend. She knew more than I thought she did.


20190225_111414[1]  Then we continued on learning the Food Groups by sorting Fruits and Vegetables. Later in the week we will add Meat and Dairy. She confuses a few, but they are ones we don’t buy very often.

Moving on to Fine Motor, which is not one of her favorite things to work on. She chose the tray with Lacing and Buttons. I want to make a button snake one of these days, but she flies through the button loops, so I may need to move on to actual shirts. She is improving on lacing. Trying to get her to go around the circle instead of lacing all over the card. I want to get some new cards for her soon. I have been making some, which works well for now.


20190225_142532[1]  We ended our day on her new therapy swing. The frame we got is strong enough, but not high enough. We are looking for a new one. She loved it so much we were outside for 2 hours today swinging. She was so happy!


I may have more tray and work boxes to show later this week. A friend suggested a work box system for Chloe and I think Chloe would love it.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a very blessed day.

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