Chickens, Outside Time & Bread


Good Morning. Happy Friday to everyone.


We had quite the busy day yesterday. We did our usual errands we do on Thursday, but at our first stop we got to visit some chickens. They were very chatty with Chloe and she thought it was funny. She told me  “I want chickens” and I said “Tell Daddy”, because I like them too. They also have huge stone animals on the property, but it was to muddy to go see them.

I am so tired of the rain. Not only does it keep us from going outside, but it wrecks havoc on my sinuses. We did manage to get out for about an hour today after lunch. I actually cleaned up around the yard a bit and Chloe played David and Goliath with her stick as a sling shot. Very cute to watch. It looks like rain for the rest of the week here. Chloe keeps singing Rain Rain Go Away.  I agree.

We made homemade bread to go with our spaghetti dinner. It was yummy. Chloe helped add all the ingredients and stir them up, but didn’t want to knead the dough. I like her to do that part because its good hand strengthening work. She said she wanted more pumpkin bread, so we will have to make that soon. I like that she wants to cook with me. I hope that continues as she grows up.

I have been working hard on my Summer Curriculum. I have completed quite a bit so far. I may post it before May so that anyone who finishes their homeschool year early can start it if they want. We will finish in April (a month and a half before the local schools). I do begin early, in late July, and we don’t take long breaks.  I homeschool year around, so this is just the 180 days my state requires. Only 55 days to go.


Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you have a wonderful and blessed weekend.

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