Writing My Own Homeschool Curriculum



Good morning. I hope everyone is having a great day so far. I have some exciting news to share.


I have been homeschooling for 3 years and struggling with one curriculum or another along the way. After a lot of thought and prayer I have decided to design my own homeschool curriculum. I am actually beginning with a Summer Program, which will begin in June. The Summer Program will have a weekly theme and lots of fun learning activities to go with it. They can easily be modified for your child’s developmental level. I will be posting it on my blog for free to see how everyone likes it. If it goes over well I will post my 2019-2020 curriculum for free too. I would like to eventually sell curriculum down the road, but I guarantee it won’t be expensive. I hate when I love a particular curriculum and it ends up being $600!! I understand it takes a lot to put them together, but if you have kids in multiple grades it can be very overwhelming and expensive.

My curriculum can be used for children with special needs and children with “normal” development. It’s great when you can use a curriculum that can be modified for your child’s developmental level or age. I homeschool Chloe year around now, so I knew I would need a Summer Program for her. I have been talking to her about what we can learn and she was very happy about the themes.

I will be posting the curriculum by Mid May so everyone who chooses to use it can get what they need. Again I am excited about this venture and I hope it helps a lot of parents out there looking for a simpler, fun way to teach their children.

Thank you so much for stopping by and welcome to all of my new followers!

Have a wonderful and blessed day

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