We Are Exhausted!!

Good morning😊

We are exhausted in this house!! Chloe is going on her 7th or 8th day of not sleeping through the night. I am very concerned for her. She was up by 1:30 am last night, so she slept 4 1/2 hrs. My husband needs to sleep because he works. What is tough is he works from home and Chloe goes all day long, even with no to little sleep. I am running on fumes, because I require 8 or more hours of sleep. 

I called her Dr this morning and she is going to call me after 10 am. I pray we can come up with an answer. We just don’t get how Chloe can go like she does without sleep. 

Homeschool will be on hold today or she can work on StarFall. My brain is fried and I’m sure hers is struggling.  

Say a prayer for our girl💜

Have a very blessed day.

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