Overstressed By The Mess


Good morning. Hope all is well with everyone.


This past weekend we celebrated Chloe’s birthday. Oh boy more stuff to add to her room and to the table, oh and to the living room. Phew!! I was determined to get some of Chloe’s clutter under control. I get so stressed when I walk into her room. I’m stressed for me and for her. I know she has a hard time playing in there, which is why the toys start making their way to the living room and kitchen.

I managed to get her floor vacuumed and her room dusted. I washed her bedding, which always upsets her. I put her vehicles in a box in the closet and her toys on her shelves. Later that day I heard her cry out. She put a bunch of stuff back on the floor in a neat little row. She hasn’t put the vehicles back out yet which helps a little. I just want her to be able to play in her room. I want all of the toys that make their way into the living room to go back to her room. We try to be firm about it and tell her she can play with them tomorrow, but she panics. I truly believe she thinks if toys are put up she can’t play with them again.

I got a great suggestion from a friend who said next time we move don’t get everything out, just her favorites. I pray it works. I know, without a doubt, she would play better with just her favorite toys. I look forward to the day I can sit comfortably in her room and play or read to her. Chloe is just in a very long OCD phase right now. I just have to take a deep breath and wait it out.

She is also constantly rearranging things in the house. She will turn our cups around to face a certain way. She double checks every door to make sure they are closed or locked. There are so many other things. I am working with her on all of it


Do any of your kiddos have OCD tendencies?? Do YOU??

Thanks for stopping by today. Welcome to all my new followers. Have a very blessed day.

3 thoughts on “Overstressed By The Mess”

  1. OCD, that’s me! And my son. Ordered and neat, all facing the same way, certain number groups. I know I do it, but I can’t shut it off. Same for my son.

    I’m glad you were able to clean up a little. It’s hard when stress grows from stuff. As she gets older, I hope it gets better for you. As my son has grown, we’ve been able to let go of so much without his reacting poorly. Back a a few ears ago though… it would have been a disaster.

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