Bye Bye Dairy

Good morning everyone 😊 I hope you had a wonderful weekend. 

Chloe celebrated her birthday through the weekend eating cake, ice cream, pizza and yes a Happy Meal. As we begin a new week she and I will have many food changes to adjust to. 

Chloe and I both tested positive for an allergy to dairy. Her pediatrician wanted me to still give it to her in small amounts for calcium. She said that Chloe didn’t break out or throw up, so it would be ok. Well Chloe has a major addiction to cheese. She doesn’t eat ice cream every day, but at least once a week. She gets a bite of yogurt to take her meds at night. I never could understand why the Dr wanted her to have dairy if she is allergic to it. She is constipated a lot and I know it’s the first food most parents take away when doing food changes for their children with Autism. 

I am also concerned with gluten. She didn’t test positive for an allergy to it, but she tends to swell in her tummy if she has a lot of it. I also notice her behavior change. She gets really happy and then changes to grumpy. I will deal with this after dairy.

The first thing to go is cheese. She wont be to happy. I’m going to get a vegan cheese substitute for her homemade pizza. Also I will buy coconut milk ice cream on special occasions. I have drink Almond milk and have for years.  Chloe has never liked milk. I use Almond milk to make muffins and other recipes requiring milk. 

The big fit will come from not getting Happy Meals. I am personally tired of fast food. It always hurts my stomach.  She loves her Happy Meals, but they are not good for her. Her suckers are also gone for awhile. She can’t stop at one and throws massive tantrums. Candy just isn’t worth those kind of fits for us. This isn’t going to be easy, but I have to try and stick with it. Chloe’s behavior is out of control.  She talks very loudly all day and sings nonstop most days.

I am letting go of dairy as well and going to go on mostly a vegan diet. Fish doesn’t bother my stomach,  but other meats do. I am going to still eat eggs, but not often. The past week I have had constant stomach pain after every meal. So I’m praying this helps.

I will post at the end of the week how our first week went. I am looking forward to no tummy aches and hopefully better behavior from Chloe. I know it may take weeks to see changes in Chloe. We will see😊

Thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed Day❤

5 thoughts on “Bye Bye Dairy”

  1. I have an allergy to dairy as well – I have never been tested for it, but my sinuses close up and my face swells. When I cut it out, that doesn’t happen. So, I have been dairy free for over a year now feeling much better. Declan has it too – except for him – if he has dairy he gets diarrhea right away. We do the same – I took it out of his diet and he can handle it in small doses. But nothing big like a milkshake which he loves. Just bits of cheese here and there. The change is a challenge – but I think you have a great plan. Good luck!

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  2. My daughter is allergic to dairy. It actually causes eczema for her. It’s awful. But her doctor always said to give her some here and there. She explained that because the allegory wasn’t life threatening, the small bits would help build up a tolerance. I’m thinking maybe your doctor felt the same about building tolerance.

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