Just a Very Bad Day😥


Good Morning and Happy Valentine’s Day❤

So Chloe had another sleepless night Tuesday night. She came out of her room yesterday morning in a foul mood. When Chloe is in a bad mood she is loud and rude. Nothing I said helped her. I gave her the daytime dose of her medicine and she slept maybe 15 minutes. Around lunchtime she fired up again.

I always feel bad for my husband trying to work with Chloe’s singing, scripting and bad mood. I eventually took her to her room and played some calming music.  She calmed down for a bit, but then was back to it. Not as loud, but still talking nonstop.  This is when Unschooling doesn’t work so well. If she is in a bad mood she doesn’t want to learn ANYTHING!! Its just a day of loud fits and headaches for us😔. It has been getting worse and I need to find a way to calm her down. I may have to implement her stricter schedule again and see what that does. Hopefully we will see some improvement.

So that is what happened on our Very Bad Day.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hope your say is going great😊

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