A Wonderful Unschool Day & A Surprise


Good morning 😊

Our Mondays are usually, well horrible. Today’s was a bit better. Fits didn’t arrive until late afternoon.  Chloe was a busy bee with all of the activities I set out for her. She wanted to learn about Penguins today, so we watched a video on YouTube and made a penguin craft.

She built her math cube towers by 2’s without being promoted. Very proud. Then we got mail from our friends Sylvia and Bethany. They have the channel Adventures of a Brain Tumor Survivor on YouTube. They are so wonderful and sweet❤ Chloe loved her birthday gifts. I loved all of the homeschool books. We will enjoy learning from them😁.

Chloe is super excited about her birthday Friday. I cant believe she will be 9. Now if it would stop raining, since her Dad and I got her an outside therapy swing for one of her gifts. Lol.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful and blessed day😊

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