Montessori Activities of the Week

I love Montessori activities! This is a short week for us. Chloe’s 9th birthday is on Friday and we are going out of town one day to see my parents to celebrate and then Friday we are having a day of fun for Chloe.


So today though Wednesday I thought we would work on some Montessori activities. I wasn’t feeling well yesterday and didn’t get to take pictures of everything I was using, so I will list them for you. They are pretty basic. The 2 above are scooping from one bowl into another and the other is putting rubber bands around a can. It is a great fine motor activity. Here are the others I am using with Chloe this week.

  1. A Cutting Tray- different cutting angles on cards for practice cutting.
  2. Pouring from pitcher to cup
  3. Pattern cards and blocks
  4. Folding washcloths
  5. Beading. Making a necklace
  6. Money Cards and Coins. Waiting for these to arrive in the mail. Using real coins though.
  7. File Folder game- sorting fruits and vegetables
  8. USA puzzle- This is new and I am just laying it out to see what she thinks of it. She knows where our state is already.
  9. Salt tray for writing
  10. Chain Links and number cards. The Links are new and she has never had them before. I hope she enjoys them.


I will post some pictures once I take them. I am also working on trying to get snacks more accessible to her. Some of them are already and she is able to get what she needs. I am also going to start working with her on helping to unload the dishwasher. She has been so helpful lately putting things away for us and getting other things for us. It has been nice to see her so excited to help out.

I hope you are having a nice Monday so far. Have a wonderful and blessed day.

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