Unschooling and Life Skills Training

kisscc0-cooking-chef-nabemono-computer-icons-food-woman-cooking-1-5b736fea9079a5.6807980015342919465918     Good morning. I hope everyone had a wonderful week.


Today I have to brag on my girl. I have been working with Chloe on her life skills and self help skills this school year. In the beginning there were many prompts, but the past week or so Chloe has been doing so much without any prompts or being shown what to do.

She has been pouring her own drink and getting her own snack, after asking for one of course. She is putting on her own clothes, sometimes backwards but that’s ok, and is putting on socks and shoes totally by herself. All week she has been putting her dishes in the sink after meals, even scraping off her plate in the trash. These may not sound like great accomplishments, but they are. Chloe has the ability to learn and do so many things.

She loves to help me put laundry in the washer and of course loves to help me bake. As we continue learning through unschooling Chloe picks up on her life skills so much easier. We are learning through living our daily lives.

I want to involve Chloe in more cooking activities. She loves to bake, but I want to involve her in regular cooking as well. Not sure how she will do with it. She will make pizza, because she loves it! She has made noodles, again because she loves them. She has a small menu, Autism Life, LOL. We will just have to experiment.

I just wanted to share how well Chloe is doing with learning her life skills. I believe unschooling has played a huge rule in it. Now if she would just put her toys away.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful and blessed weekend.

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