Teaching Chloe to Tell Time

Good morning! So I have discussed teaching Chloe money and time on here before, but I have been working on a better way to do it so it is not stressful.

Ringing Alarm Clock

The number one thing is to make sure they are ready. Chloe was not completely ready the last time I tried. We were both stressed. Chloe has always loved numbers, so I am beginning there, She knows time by the hour, but gets confused with the rest, Here are the baby steps I am taking to teach her in a less stressful way. I hope.

1) Make sure your child can count from 0 to 60.

2) Next teach your child to count by 5’s to 60.

3) Talk about time concepts like : Morning: wake up, breakfast, clothes on, brush hair and teeth.Ā  Noon: Lunch/OutsideĀ  Night: Supper, bath and bed

4) Make a daily schedule using clocks. I love this idea, but I’m not sure how well it would work with Unschooling.


5) Make a clock with your child using a paper plate. Talk to her/him about the hour hand and the minute hand. Show them how to count the minutes by 5’s

6) Talk about time all day every day. Example: Its 8:00 time for breakfast!

7) Use a kitchen timer to teach minutes and the concept of time by minutes. I use this for bath time, outside time, tablet time…..and so on.

8) Once your child is catching on ask throughout the day “What time is it”? Reward her for right answers. My girl loves tickles.

9) There are fun time file folder games online. Check out File Folder Fun and Teachers Pay Teachers.

10) Just have fun!! No pressure. If it takes a year to learn it that’s fine.


I hope this is helpful to those of you teaching your child how to tell time. Chloe is doing well with these steps. If you have any tips leave them below.

Have a wonderful and blessed day.


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