65 Degrees in February😲


I can’t believe the weather here! Sunday the high was 65 degrees!!

I know the groundhog said we would have an early Spring, but I’m not ready. I am a cold weather girl.  I love layering clothes and cuddling up in blankets. I am not ready to sweat yet. Lol.

Chloe has no complaints. She enjoyed getting outside to play after a a week and a half of bitterly cold weather. The yard was quite squishy, but she didn’t mind. She marched around the yard singing.  Then she  said “Chalk Mom”  and started drawing on the driveway. After playing for an hour we were back inside watching The Polar Express 😆 Gotta love her taste in movies. 

We did a lot of traveling on Saturday, so we were fine being a little lazy on Sunday. All this week it will be in the 50’s and 60’s here, but will plummet to 38 by the weekend.  Crazy weather. We will enjoy it while we can or she will. 

Have a wonderful and blessed day😊


3 thoughts on “65 Degrees in February😲”

  1. It is so nice here as well! Can’t believe it! My oldest walked out of the house this morning in shorts – I tried the “It’s February!” argument and to him “It’s hot” 🙂

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