Unschooling Book Haul


Happy Monday😀

So I went on a book hunt last week. I wanted to find animal books since that is what she is loving right now. I found a few, but also found a few other treasures.

Our Goodwill has a wonderful selection of books. Most look brand new. She loves the Giraffe book and the kangaroo pouch book. The Fun Phonics was an awesome find. It’s so colorful and Chloe and I can sit in the recliner and read through it. All the books at Goodwill were 50 cents each, even the phonics book😮. I also got the Melissa and Doug letter puzzle there for $2.00.

Next I went to Ollie’s. I spent $14 there for 5 books. I got the 2 Veggie Tale books for her birthday. The Around the World book is beautiful and written by the same author of Goodnight Moon. The other 2 books were $2.99. I may give them to our grandson. Chloe is not to sure about them. She is VERY PICKY about books.  I need to get her books about Penguins, so maybe I will have her older sisters get her a few for her birthday😊. My mom is getting her 3 animal books for her birthday as well.

So that is my cheap book haul. Everything together was about $20!!

Have a very blessed day😁

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