Chloe Prefers Unschooling

Happy February ❤

I can’t believe Chloe will be 9 this month😯

So how is Chloe handling Unschooling? Very well! I believe she enjoys learning this way. She gets short bursts of learning and lots more playtime.  I see that she likes making choices on what to learn about. She is loving the tray activities I lay out for her. She is able to pick which ones to do whenever she wants to during the day.

Chloe has had a little bit of a better attitude towards learning.  She did have a rough start yesterday,  but once she got going was fine.

I do want to keep our supplies minimal and build a book supply of books she loves. Right now that includes animal books. I have though about getting a cart with drawers to hold art supplies and keep it in the kitchen. I would also like a small shelf of activities to keep on our back wall of the living room. I feel she will do more if it’s not in her room. We are still figuring out her room and her OCD about her toys being out. 

As we continue on our Unschooling journey I hope to see Chloe enjoy it more and more. I hope she eventually conquers her fears and let’s me clean her room. I want it to be a place of play, learning and enjoyment. 

So that’s how it’s going so far. Thanks for stopping by😊 Have a Blessed weekend❤

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