How I Unschool Language Arts/Writing

Hello I hope your day is going well.

Today I want to share how we unschool Language Arts and Writing. I actually find these areas to be the easiest to teach. Especially since Chloe loves to read. She learned to read by 6, which was so amazing. We were told she would probably never read. I am so proud of her.

Here are the activities I use:

1) Read, Read and Read some more. We read books, magazines, signs at stores and Chloe even reads Bill boards as we drive down the road.

2) Spelling: We use letter magnets. Letter stamps, word puzzles from The Learning Journey and I even make some from index cards.

3) Super Why is a great show and they have a wonderful learning game too.

4) Write words on a dry erase board, chalk board, salt tray and shaving cream. Oh and of course paper too😊

5) We work on writing and spelling by writing cards to her friends.

6) Posting word cards around the house. I use to post 5 words a week on the refrigerator and she would pass by, read and spell them during the day.

7) Sing songs spelling words. I make these up using tunes Chloe is familiar with.

8) YouTube has so many songs teaching phonics and spelling.  These I use sparingly because of Chloe’s technology addiction issues.


Chloe typically reads off and on all day. I am working on reading comprehension with Chloe. I ask her questions about her books. I make a card with 5 squares. When she answers a question correctly I let her put a sticker in the box. Once all boxes are full she gets tickled. She loves to be tickled😆

So that is what we are doing right now to unschool Language Arts and Writing.  If you have any suggestions please share in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful, blessed day😊

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