This Week’s Learning Activities


Good morning everyone! I pray all of you had a good weekend. Ours was filled with a visit from family, working on activity trays for the week and relaxing with Chloe watching a few movies.

This week I put together quite a few activities for Chloe to do. The printed off ones are from 123 homeschool4me. She has so many great activities and worksheets. I love going to her site. I always find what I need. This is what we are learning about this week.

1) Animal Match: We are learning about animals this week and I found this at the Dollar Tree to go with it.

2) Phonics Blend Puzzles: I found this on 123 homeschool4me.

3) Bead Patterns: I found these oval beads at The Dollar Tree. My Dollar Tree has an assortment of beads now and they are wooden, which I love. We will  make different color patterns with them.

4) Snowman Time Match: I found this on 123 homeschool4me. It is super cute and Chloe loves Snowmen. This is fun way to work on telling time.

5) Missing letter cards and magnet letters: These cards were also on 123 homeschool4me. You can laminate them and either they use letter magnets to fill in the missing letter or they can write it in. Chloe loves these type of activities.

6) Phonics Match in a Pocket Chart: I have been putting off buying a pocket chart for a few years. Imagine how happy I was to find one for $1 at the Dollar Tree. This activity uses letter cards and picture cards to go with each letter. You can use beginning sounds or ending sounds. We are using beginning sounds this week.

7) Color Word Puzzles: I made these out of index cards. You can laminate them for durability. I wrote the words in the same color as the words.

8) A Mini Chalkboard: I try to give Chloe different ways to practice writing. I found this at the Dollar Tree as well. She was excited to try it out early.

9) I found these awesome books at the Dollar Tree! The animal book is a Level 2 Reader. We are using this in learning about animals. The Addition workbook is for Chloe to use at her leisure. Sometimes she asks for a workbook and will sit at the table and do a bit of it. The Dear God book has Daily Devotions and a daily Bible Verse for kids. The Dollar Tree has wonderful books. Sometimes you have to dig a bit to find them.

10) We will also be painting, cooking, watching videos about different animals, and one day we are visiting my older daughter to see her new house.


So we have a busy week ahead of us. I am laying out the activity trays on the table and she will have a scheduled time to go to the table for tray activities. I am not letting her use the tablet or computer for any learning for awhile. She needs a break from it. She gets to overstimulated.

Tomorrow I will blog about Chloe’s history with technology and how it affects her. Thank you for stopping by today. Welcome to all of my new followers.

Have a wonderful and blessed day.

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