Can Homeschooling Our Autistic Daughter Get Any Easier?

Happy Friday😊

This post has been 3 years in the making. I started homeschooling Chloe 3 years ago. We have tried so many types of curriculum. She would like them for a week or 2 and then start having anxiety when it was time to work on them. I got tired of wasting money on unused workbooks and seeing my girl hating to learn. It’s tough enough that she has to live with Autism,  but I dont want to add to her anxiety. So how do I educate our daughter and make it enjoyable.

Enter unschooling.  Yes I have implented unschooling before, but slowly made my way back to typical schooling.  I have researched unschooling for quite a long time. I have read blogs from some awesome unschooling families. I have learned so much from them. I’m not wanting the radical unschooling way of life, but I do like the idea of using her interests to teach her. Chloe doesn’t always share through speech what interests her, but I see it as she plays or when she scripts. I know she loves animals. Right now Polar Bears and Penguins are her interests.

She still loves tray activities, so I will set those up on the table each day. We will do Bible Time together after breakfast each morning. Math will be done through table activities and real life experience. We read books all during the day and she loves to spell with letter magnets and letter stamps. We will work on writing by writing cards to mail to friends, write in her salt tray and dry erase board. She has a notebook that she can write letters and numbers in. Social Studies is required by my state, so we are learning about Community Helpers right now. I made her a book and we watch videos on YouTube about them. Chloe learns best through books, songs and videos. Learning through play will also be good for her. I will still do speech and OT activities with her each week. I also plan to do more arts and crafts, cooking activities and getting outside as much as we can. I have been doing this for 2 days and Chloe is already sleeping better.

I will be posting next weeks tray activities on Monday. I am excited about this and I pray it works for Chloe.

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend❤

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