Uber Frugal Month Update

Happy Friday everyone😁

So I wanted to give you an update on Uber Frugal Month on this 11th day of the challenge. I have not been in a store, except to buy groceries and needed items like toilet paper. I have stayed off of Amazon. I threw away my Christianbooks.com flyer today, but I did glance at it 🤗. Have we been perfect NOPE!! We have eaten out a few times😣. Once because I hurt me knee and couldn’t stand to cook. Weakness explains the others. 

Chloe has had a harder time, asking to go to the store constantly for suckers and ice cream. I have stood my ground and actually make her earn one lollipop ( bought last month) by doing her learning time. She wants to go out more now than before. Next month is her birthday, so she will have some fun outings then. I am having zero problems not buying stuff. I love being home and reading books I haven’t read yet. I am still minimizing everywhere I turn. Chloe’s room is still a disaster, but one of her past therapist thinks it might be an object permanence delay. She wants to see everything she owns. Hopefully we can work it out soon. 

I do intend to keep being as frugal as I can for as long as I can. We will spend for Chloe’s birthday in February, but I’m still not purchasing anything else. Hubby has his own way of being frugal and he has worked very hard to pay off bills.  He has paid off 2 cards and my Dr bill this month.  Way to go sweetie😀 

How is your frugal month going? I apologize I dont have my meal plan to post.  Chloe has kept us worn out and I didn’t get to it yet. I may post it over the weekend.


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