Hand Strengthening Exercises

Happy Wednesday everyone I hope your week is going well.


Chloe has low muscle tone. What does that mean? Low muscle tone means there is not enough tension in the muscle when it is at rest.  The muscle may be mushy or floppy when you feel it and there is a lack of control of the muscle when it is being used. This can keep a child from being able to do the simplest of tasks well. Writing has been a difficult area for Chloe. She does not like to write. She also struggles to learn to pour her own drink with control. Buttons and zippers are very tough for her. I have began to make it a priority to implement hand strengthening exercises in her every day homeschool and therapy.

Here are some of the activities that I use with Chloe.

Exercise Bands: These are good for pulling. They also work on arm muscles as well.

Theraputty: This comes in different strengths and colors. I put beads and small objects in hers so she can pull them out.

Small handheld ball: These are good for squeezing. The Dollar Tree has these.

Play dough: Just playing with Play dough is good for improving hand strength. Get the rollers, cookie cutters and play dough sets to add a more play aspect to it.

Tongs/Clothespins: I use these for picking up small objects . There are many activities you can use these for.

Putting Rubber Bands on a can or cup

Magnet Letters, Numbers or Animals: These are good for the refrigerator or Easel.

Tear or cut paper

Connect 4 Game: If your child doesn’t understand the concept of the game let them just put the circles in. Great Fine Motor work.

Here is a great website with many more exercises to try: http://theinspiredtreehouse.com


A lot of these can be done in everyday play. I incorporate them into Chloe’s Homeschool and Therapy each day. One thing that has improved Chloe’s writing is she is drawing a lot!! She draws on paper, her Magna Doodle and her dry erase board. I love it! None of the mentioned items above cost very much at all. The Dollar Tree has most of them. Theraputty can be found at Hobby Lobby or Amazon. Connect 4 can be found at Walmart or Amazon. I got my exercise bands on Amazon as well. I hope some of these can be of help for your child.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed day.

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