She’s Just Not Ready


Good morning😊

I have been working with Chloe on telling time and learning money for a few years now and we are still stuck in the same spot.  She has made progress, which I am so proud and thankful, but I couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t progress further.

On Saturday I watched a live stream on YouTube that woke me up. I asked the woman on the live stream some advice on my time and money issues with Chloe. A mom commented and asked “Does she understand the purpose of telling time and using money”? I was like I thought she did, even though she hasn’t let me know in any way that she does. The woman then said “With her Autism maybe she doesn’t their purpose in her world”. BOOM!!! Why didn’t I think of that before? If Chloe has no interest in something she doesn’t push herself to learn it. ThenI thought “Maybe she just isn’t ready for it yet”, I have to always remember she may almost be 9, but not in all areas. 

Reading is her favorite and books are her friends (She says). So she excels most in this area. I’m done pushing so hard and I will just revisit this area in a few months and try again.

I have learn reaching out to other Homeschool or Autism moms is super helpful when I’m struggling. Chloe will learn certain things when shes ready. I am very proud of her where she is🙂

Have a Blessed Day

2 thoughts on “She’s Just Not Ready”

  1. Hi, I liked your post, especially since it addresses different perspectives and understanding of limitations 🙂

    Do you have the book “National Geographic Kids Everything Money: A wealth of facts, photos, and fun!” ? I am wondering if something like a wealth of fun facts and background info might spark her interest since you said she loves books!

    Otherwise don’t worry about it – everyone is different!! You’re doing a great job 🙂

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